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Osanidde Village is a home full of transformed children on the shores of Bussi Island in Lake Victoria that began in February 2006 with just 30 children who were brought from the surrounding villages and islands of Lake Victoria. Before the orphanage was officially established, these children were invited by Drake and Josephine Kanaabo and team to the property for educational training and ministry.  Now just a year and a half later the property is teeming with a total of 160 energetic children who love Jesus with all their hearts!

Osanidde is an African word (in the Luganda language) which is common in many beloved Ugandan worship songs. The word means "You are Worthy!" and it sounds just like "Oh Sunny Day!" This word sums up our heart and vision for this unique Ugandan orphanage.

This children's village is a joyful, sunny place, and there's a powerful anointing of God here from the fervent prayers of these precious orphans. These children are being instilled with vision and purpose to share God's glory throughout the earth. And already, these children are making a difference! They're fervent prayer warriors, worshipers, and they're already spreading the Gospel (through child-led singing and preaching).

It is our prayer and desire that as these children are impacted by the love and acceptance of God as their heavenly father and are transformed by this realization, that they will be those that impact the world with this good news that they have found to be real in their own lives!

Tens of thousands of orphans wait for someone to exhibit the love, care and attention they are desperately lacking in the islands. At Osanidde Village we see hope of orphans and vulnerable Children by accommodating them, providing them with medical needs, educational opportunities are realized, and we see a generation of forsaken children graced with love, confidence, and provision for the future.

Osanidde Village is yearning is to see miracles transform lack into abundance, sickness into health, tears into smiles, and emptiness into wholeness by ensuring that children are:


  • Residing in clean, safe physical conditions.

  • Supplied with nutritious food for optimal growth and health.

  • Given the medical attention they need for healthy bodies and minds.

  • Given the tools for mental and physical development as well as an education.

  • Knowing they are loved and valued by caring, nurturing care givers seeing to their daily needs.

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