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​Education (Talemwa Schools)

LAVICCARE has also constructed a new primary school in Bussi Islands called Talemwa School, so children have been able to attend school for the first time. New classroom blocks and lavatories are being built. Located in Busi Islands, the Talemwa School provides education for over 300 children of whom approximately 200 live in Osanidde village and are orphans and vulnerable children. However, the school needs more class room blocks, teacher's houses and a fence around the property, both to protect the buildings from vandalism, as well as provide an environment that is less distracting for the pupils. A secondary School has also been built offering classes from Senior 1 to Senior 4.

Rapha Medical Center

The provision of medical attention can be life-changing for orphans and vulnerable children and the entire community. LAVICCARE strives to help orphans overcome ill-health by treating them in different illnesses especially malaria and other water borne related diseases to improve their quality of life. However, more Medical support may also provide urgently needed medications or medical equipment. The clinic unit is operated in Osanidde Village providing care to over 200 children, but the resources available drugs and resources are stretched beyond the limits. There is hope that someday this clinic will be well equipped with medical supplies and expanded to provide services to the entire community. Some community members must walk up 10km to receive medical attention. The Clinic has a great need for more supplies, but the center has its best with what is available.

The current clinical facility needs to be expanded and equipped with modern diagnostic tools to improve the health services for the community. And has the trust of the villagers. With your help LAVICCARE can continue supporting this program to extend hope beyond the orphans and vulnerable children to include the rest of the community members.

Laviccare organic farming and Income generating activities

Food availability is always inadequate in the centers and accessibility of hard cash is difficult for most of the OVC Care Providers. LAVICCARE therefore found it necessary to identify and develop new methods for ensuring sustainability. Many IGAs have been identified like cropping, poultry, Diary, piggery, bakery and fish smoking. LAVICCARE will continue to scale up this program but it requires a number of tools as well as a watchman at night to prevent theft.

OVC care takers work very hard to maintain a garden to provide a food supplement to the meager supplies available. The preponderance of orphans has made these gardens the sole source of food for many children.

The acquisition and study of useful hand tools and IGAs increases the OVC caretakers’ capacity to feed these children. It develops self-reliance skills in orphans and allows time to improve their condition.

Skills Development and Vocational Training Initiatives

It is well accepted that adolescent OVC need skills to participate in the workforce. Beyond basic physical and medical needs, orphans face additional problems limiting their potential to succeed as adults. First and foremost is the lack of opportunity for formal education beyond primary school. In 1997, the Ugandan government, recognizing that a well-educated population is a crucial element in social and economic advancement, finally made primary school education free for all children and ten years later in 2007 Universal Primary Education started. However, even though all children now have access to free primary education, secondary school is still available only to those who can afford it. Because of the cost, and the lack of a supportive network of family and community, secondary school attendance is extremely rare among orphans especially those living in the islands.

The broad goals of this program are to help young people specifically the OVC gain quality skills through training in various trades of their choice, increase their future career opportunities, develop self-respect and confidence in them, implement positive change and become conscientious global citizens. LAVICCARE believes that to give only a charity does not help the individual become independent, but dependent upon the giver.


The center is intended to undertake a development education program to empower 100 orphans and vulnerable children living on Islands of Lake Victoria annually with training skills and life enrichment education for their sustainable development. The project focuses on a well-rounded vocation trades education to OVC living in Osanidde Village and those living with their immediate families. LAVICCARE has acquired land for the construction of the Vocational Center. However, we are seeking for funds to make this a reality. Would you fund part of this project?

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